Editing a video

20160607_23140620160607_231501My main role in vp#2 is editing a video which we shoot on Wendesday, film shooting day.
Taeksu Jang help me. He ordered video clips on our story line and sent me e-mail with videos.
So, It is easier to edit the videos.
I chose musics to insert in the videos. The music that was played in our video is ‘Goldfinger’ by Primary who is korean music producer.
In the middle of video, I inserted picture related with the danger of smoking, searching in Google. I quoted the paragraphs which remarks about sidesmoking in newspaper donga-ilbo. Sungkoo Kang translate it into English. Thanks to my teammates, I can finish vp#2.

Film Shoot Days

It was a film shoot day. 25th May 2016.

My team, 4Men, decided to shoot a film about smoking.

We deal with how the smokers and non-smokers think differently about smoking.

We met at 11 and soon started taking a video. I printed out english manuscripts. The video was mainly taken by TS JANG’s camera, G3.

While the members were taking the video, everyone found it difficult to act naturally.

TS JANG and I are smokers so our smoking scene was taken. We had to act with natural english accent and pronunciation but they were so hard to take care of.

Most of the scenes were taken in front of the main library and smoking scenes at the smoking booth near main library.

We have become close friends while taking a video, sharing ideas and feedbacks with each other.

Choosing theme of vp#2


We each suggested two idea about theme of VP#2.

I suggested  graduating class’ daily life and thinking and old man problem of Korea.

Howerver, my ideas suggested were not chosen.

So we have only two topics remaining.

Ideas about Euthenasia suggested by Sung-koo Kang and about smoking problem suggested by Taek-su Jang.

Final topic we decided to deal with is the how smokres and non-smokers think differently.



The photos above are the korean and Enlgish manuscripts for our video. Each one was given their role. TS JANG and DH LIM made a story based on the thoughts of smorkers and non-smokers. SK KANG translated an Enlgish manuscript to korean one. And I am to edit the video. We are supposed to take a video next wednesday(Film Shoot day).